Mile Hi Bakery is part of a successful group of food service companies. We’re committed to exploring new technologies and ideas to help reduce our impact on the planet and bring our customers the best, most affordable, and cutting-edge services in the industry. From lot tracking to warehouse management, we have total control over our entire supply chain and delivery processes, resulting in increased efficiency and less waste. And, our sustainability efforts run throughout our business, from paperless offices to breaking our bakery bun waste down for animal feed.

Mile Hi Specialty Foods

Mile Hi Specialty Foods independently provides distribution services to over 1,000 restaurants in the Rocky Mountain Region and Texas.

We perform warehousing, storage and local delivery services for food-related suppliers and distributors to reduce landed cost of goods and lower freight costs.


Mile Hi Bakery

Mile Hi Bakery produces all of the buns for over 500 McDonald’s restaurants. Today the bakery also provides baked goods for Red Robin (nationally), Wendy’s, Good Times and several other well known chain restaurants.

Mile Hi Foods

Mile Hi Foods distributes all food, paper and related items to over 360 McDonald’s restaurants in the Rocky Mountain, Southwest and Northwest regions.


Taddonio Family Foundation

After 23 years of individual community involvement by each of the family members, ranging from organizing fundraising events to volunteering at local activities, this non-profit foundation was created to further enhance and focus specifically on the ability to serve the needs of children. Annually hosting a signature golf tournament, sponsoring children camps, gaining marathon sponsorships and various contributions to children’s activities. The Taddonio Family Foundation continues to donate in excess of $300,000 each year to support children achieving their full potential.